Waiting for Wings

I waited patiently out in the sweltering Arizona heat to snap this picture of the ever-elusive little hummingbird that frequents my backyard.  With my shutter set on warp speed, I caught him mid-flight quietly feeding on the nectar of my favorite flowering tree.

The thing is this wasn’t the first time I tried to photograph him, but it was the first time I captured such a vivid image of him.

This time, I anticipated his many darts and flits.  I knew that I would get my chance to see him if I just steadied myself, heat or not, and didn’t move.  Although it felt like an eternity, he finally rose up out of the foliage near the top of the tree and revealed himself to me.

And the reward of capturing this lovely little brown and gold backyard bird reminded me of the importance of waiting.

Waiting on God to reveal a new vison for my life when my own dreams have faded.

Waiting for hope to rise when my soul feels depleted.

Waiting for God’s grace to to give my faith wings.



May you taste the sweet reward of waiting today.

B u t t o n   U p
T w i t t e r i n g s
I n s t a g r a m
R e c e n t   P i n s